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For everyone who loves Photography! (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi all!

Heard about a really interesting project where you can register and follow a kind of game where you can share photos related to a secret theme! The nice part is that you can connect with people all over the world who share the same passion for photography!

Take a look and share it if you like it! :-)


Vera Sardinha

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“Shoot & Share” wants to create a geographical limitless community whose common focus is the passion for photography and its semiotics. Throughout this project, it will be possible to meet people with whom we share likes, being possible to make new friends beyond boundaries as well.

Is “love” seen by the lens and the heart of an Australian the same as the one seen by a Finish?

Is “beauty” identical for a Portuguese and an Italian?

The unexpected is waiting for us at the corner.


This page’s admin will launch the project with a publication of a photograph, naming it in a way that it represents a concept, a feeling or simply a word.

This photograph (and its name) will go secretly to someone abroad who must have already made a registration in the project. This person should make a photograph which embodies that concept, and send it to publication and to someone else in other country and with a different culture.

Every two months, there will be a new concept to be explored through photography, creating new possibilities and new surprises.

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