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Lots of questions about Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my thread.

Please bear with me as a I'm quite new to the Brazil experience. I'm an expat living in China for 3 years now, and originally from Mexico.

I love Beijing but I believe it's time for me to leave. There are a couple reasons why I have chosen Brazil, and one of them is my idea that Brazilians are friendly people who, once you get to know them, make you "one of the family". Any thoughts on that?

I do not speak Portuguese (yet), and as a native Spanish speaker I know I might be able to pick it up fairly quick (not perfectly, just fast). I'm already learning some here too.

I'm wondering how hard is it to get to the country jobless and find a job there? Do most employers provide with a visa? (since in China some don't) Has anyone had the experience of being hired while in the country?

What is the networking like over there? My current job allows me to mingle with quite a few Latin embassies and attend cultural events. I work for a Chinese news portal, and it would be quite great to keep on that same line of work in Brazil. Are there any companies that present Brazilian news in foreign languages?

If there is any Spanish speaker around reading my ad, how helpful is it to speak Spanish there? as in, is it on demand?In addition of course to English. (I've seen a couple jobs in exportacao and client services)

And finally, sorry guys!, has anyone here been an entrepreneur in Brazil? Any advise or suggestion on that subject?

Thank you so ever much! I know this is a long thread, but there are things that I believe it's best to know from first hand experiences rather than asking Google.

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