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Matthew the Rapping Prof of Bali in Rio Sep 7-11! (Rio de Janeiro)

Dear Inations Rio Folks,
Noone should go thru life without having experienced Rio, right? Well, at long last, my time is coming! My name is Matthew ( Protected content ) and I'm on my first trip to South America. Have enjoyed a Spirit of the Incas tour thru Peru and La Paz, and on Sept 7 am flying to Florianopolis. Then Sept Protected content Rio before flying up to Fortaleza area for a couple weeks. I'm a bit confused by how every time I go to the Rio Internations page, different scouts' profiles appear, so I thought posting here might be more effective.

I am an Internations Albatross member.
I was born in Montreal, raised in Cincinnati, and spent the last 10 years in China
before moving to my dream location Bali last autumn, where I'm active in Internations.
My purpose in Brasil is twofold: to visit and enjoy a country I've wanted to come to for years; and if the investment climate is good for an apartment not too far from the sea, to perhaps purchase. I prefer locations like Florianopolis or Fortaleza to metropolises like Rio or Sao Paulo.
Are there any Internations activity in Rio scheduled for Sept Protected content ? And is there anyone in the network who I might contact re: real estate purchase? Maybe a third question: I'm an entertainer known as The Rapping Professor. I compose and perform my original Gift Raps(TM) for events. So it'd be fun for me to connect with musicians/producers and/or event organizers in Rio as well.

I don't like to ask for help unless I also offer something in return. I come bearing gifts from Bali and from Peru, and it's always good to have a friend in Bali, which in spite of poor roads and transportation, is still one of the most enchanting places on the planet. I can teach you some Mandarin and Indonesian, and speak French too. Can fake it in Spanish, but not sure about Portuguese ;-). I am happy to offer my skills as voice talent, recording artist and lyricist/performer if they can be of service to you on an individual or company basis. Complimentary of course for Internations members. For example, coming up with a slogan for your product or service and recording an ad for it. Or composing and performing one of my Gift Raps for any upcoming event you may have.

Hoping to be in contact and hear about your lives in one of the most exciting cities in the world, right?
Don't yet know where I'll be staying in Rio, but I like to use Protected content to find locals to stay with.

Best of Health and Wealth,
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skype: boomsymatic

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