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Need your advice! (Rio de Janeiro)

Hello Friends!

My name is Dmitry, I live in Moscow,
I had an opportunity to transfer to work in Rio or Manaus,
Taking into account that I have a wife and a child of 5 years,
I need your advice based on experience of life in Brazil:
1. How hard housewives and children adapt to the new location without knowing the language (only English base)?
2. Is it enough safe for a woman with a child to walk on the streets, in shops and at beach, or to drive a car, of course not to go in the favela?
3. How long it takes to get full acclimatization in a place from Northern cities (like Moscow)?
4. What level of health care? Hospitals, Maternity hospital, baby care, is there any US or European centers with English language ?
5. What immunizations are mandatory for expats adults and children in Rio / Manaus?
6. Are there any sports or developing "societies" for the children of expatriates? For example any ice-hockey school?
7. Is there a problem of very hot sun for northern europeans type of skin? How it solved - constantly sun-cream or siesta from 10 to 16?

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