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New in town (Rio de Janeiro)

hi..I just moved here about a month ago and don't know anyone very well. It sounds very typical, but my job brought me to Rio. All my friends live out of Brazil very far away, and all my family members live in Peru, where I am from originally ~ miles away.. Iive and work in downtown Rio So, I hardly get a chance to meet new friends... So, I'm here now to ask you some advices... if anyone can give me advices, I'll be very glad...thanks : )

1. I live in the area called centro...any good place to visit around here?? I went zoo and museum so far for fun. I saw lots of bars, but I don't go there unless I go w/ my friends...Any events for young/new people around here??

2. What do you do to get to know people or meet new people??? I'm not a student it's very hard to meet new people..

3. I love, I'm looking for social gathering or social events I can join... social events for people who loves cooking. Is there anything like that around here.

Any advices or Comments....I'll be very glad : )

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