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reasonable bank (Rio de Janeiro)

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a bank that doesn´t give you troubles in a daily manner...
I have an account at the HSBC which is supposed to be an international bank and everytime I leave the counrty they block my credit card. They tell me that I have to talk to them before a trip for them not too block it and the result is that they don´t even wait till the trip and block it immediately, so I cannot even book my flight.
Then there´s a lotta credit cards in my name which I never ordered. If I wanna pick up cash in a bigger amount from the bank they do everything to make that impossible and now I´m just so tired of them that I´m considering to look for another one. The only way solve problems with them is on the telefon hotline and that has not worked out a single time.
So now I´m wondering, if you guys had the same experiences with your banks here I wouldn´t bother to change mine, as that, and I´m sure about that, will another big hustle...


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