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Advice/help (Riyadh)

Hi Ladies,

Im after some advice about life out in Riyadh, including working and schooling.

The company I work for will be moving 70 of its staff out to Riyadh in July Protected content I have expressed interest in 2 of the posts.

I have researched a lot but am confused as to how well women are received in the work place in management roles and in roles dealing with the public. I also wanted to know what's classed as the weekends as some people are saying its Thursday/Friday??

My other area of concern is Schools, I have found a British run school which looks fantastic but wanted to know what days are school days and the hrs as I cant seem to find anything about that.

I also need to know if there are British/French/Canadian/ American child minding services on any of the compounds as I would also have a small baby that would required childcare.

Cant help but think its going to be too much hassle, but the though of 2 salaries tax free for 2yrs would set our children up for Uni and make life a lot easier.

Please be very honest about life in Saudi, working, family and social aspects would be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much.


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