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American moving to Riyadh: Need advice / Part 1

Dear Friends,

I am moving from New York in a few weeks - Would appreciate some advice on the following:

1. How much $$ (cash) should I initially bring with me? To rephrase, is there a allowable limit? Hopefully, I will be paid the relocation allowance within the first week of moving, but what would folks suggest as a nice round number?
2. How do you transfer your monthly savings back to USA? I mostly bank with BofA, so do Saudi banks have a online money transfer option? What Saudi banks are the best in terms of transferring money to BofA/USA? Any other options, Western Union etc?
3. What is the deal with power outlets in Riyadh? My main electronics will be my Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Macbook). Do homes have American style power outlet, or will I need to get a converter, primarily for my Mac devices?
4. I am currently with AT&T as my cell phone provider. When I get to Riyadh, can I just use my phone as normal, or will I need to call AT&T? Do folks have American mobile phone numbers forwarded to their Saudi mobile phones (not even sure if this is possible). If I choose to keep my American cell phone number and use it in Riyadh, which is the best American cell phone company to use?
5. When you think back to your own move, what are the top 3 things you wish you had bought with you from USA?

I am sure I will have more questions going forward - hence the "Part 1" in the subject :-) Thanks!


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