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Construction site accident saudi law procedures (Riyadh)

Dear all,
I wonder if any of you will be able to give me advise on the handling of fatal or near death accidents occurred in construction sites in Riyadh. What is the saudi police procedures law or procedures on this matter.
If an accident happens on site, near fatality or very badly injured person and he will require immediate attention to be transported to the nearest hospital.
Are we allowed as Sr. Superintendents to take immediate action to remove the person and transport him to hospital. Or we are not suppose to touch the person neither help in anyway u till the police arrive and have the ambulance called in.
On my pervious project on the Dubai metro. We were advised not to touch anything until the police arrive and they will take over the victim.
I could not find any written laws on the correct actions that must be taken for an I incident like this.
Can anyone be able to help or direct me to the source of the information as much of us expats who are currently working on the Riyadh Metro Projects are much in the dark about the proper actions to be taken.
What can possible happen if the injured person dies en route to the hospital. I know for certain that one will be arrested immediately in Dubai for me.
Any help on the matter is much appreciated as I need to help advise our safety action department.
Thanks & regards.

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