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Contribute to the Saudi Expat Podcast (Riyadh)


Ok, here is the deal. in the next few weeks, me and the wife are starting a podcast

THe goal is to do:
2x a week (eventually)
1 episode focusing on whatever happened that week, funny things going on, items in the newspapers/internet/etc related to SA
1 episode, hopefully with a random guest (expat, saudi) with experience in saudi arabia, to help answer questions posed via email, forums, etc

Now, what we need from you guys

People who want to volunteer to help!
We need guests who have been here for more than 1 year, in all kinds of professions.
Questions that you would like addressed on the program. preferably something that can actually have a direct answer. but opinion questions are always welcome as well.

If you could help it would be amazing. I believe it is something that the whole community can relate to and further help future KSA newcomers

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