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Embassy parties (Riyadh)

Hi all,

Ok I realise this May be a commonly asked question but it's also one that I haven't found a conclusive answer to as yet..

I'm working in riyadh as a personal trainer, I've been here two weeks and am looking for parties I can go to on my nights off (usual type of thing for a Brit, music and a beverage or two!) I've heard the embassy events are my best bet but am having trouble finding out how to go about getting an invite..

So far the only lead I've had is for the Irish embassy, to email the Irish society, which I've just done and am awaiting a response..

I realise that some events are more about who you know so I'll certainly be trying to do as much networking as I can but I've also heard that there are some events at some of the European embassies that you can simply buy tickets for if you are on the right mailing list..

Any advice much appreciated, thanks


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