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Family resident visa without degree - help! (Riyadh)

Hello all, I'm hoping somebody can provide some positive advice on a problem I'm facing.

I've just got my Iqama through (finally) and now need to apply for my family to move over as residents too (wife Protected content . We are all British born, married in UK and have UK passports. My wife is a Doctor too.

However, I personally do not have any sort of academic degree - I am a self taught entrepreneur and leader in my profession, despite dropping out of academia at 18. I've been hired as a VP in a Bank and thankfully earn a handsome salary.

The profession on my Iqama is 'Marketing Specialist', which I understand is ok for sponsoring family. However, for the application process itself, I don't have the degree to match (or any degree at all), so my company HR dept feels this is a non-starter. We have all the other family paperwork attested and ready to go, but have this stumbling block to overcome asap!

Any help or advice appreciated; otherwise I'm looking at getting a Final Exit visa and going back to London, as I'm not staying without my family here.

Many thanks in advance, Hammad

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