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Free mp3 to support Syria! (Riyadh)


Hi everyone!

I am an American-born activist who produced a song for Syria last summer. You can read a blurb about the song from the Syrian Sunrise Foundation:

"Dena Atassi's Song, 'Syria, Send My Love' sheds light on the unbelievable support the Syrian people have within the global community despite the stagnancy of world leaders."

You can view the music video here: Protected content

My song has also, thankfully, been made available for sale on iTunes and Amazon. If you are interested in buying the Song on iTunes: Protected content
Or, if you are interesting in buying the Song on Amazon: Protected content

SSF is a Protected content US-Based charity organization that has delivered more than $10 million in direct humanitarian relief to the people of Syria.
Donations are tax deductible, Tax ID# Protected content .
(Please visit Protected content and check out the fb page:
Protected content

However, I am trying to tap into the Riyadh market with the song and promote it locally, since I live here.

If you are interested, I would be happy to send you a FREE mp3 of the song (all I need is your email) IF you commit to PURCHASING the iTunes or amazon song for a friend or relative IF you think the song is worth it and the cause is worthy (no risk).

Please respond here or private message me your email if you are interested, and keep us in your prayers! We are trying hard to raise money for Syrians in need.

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