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Frequent Bahrain travellers (Riyadh)

Dear Everyone, hope you all are enjoying the summer holiday! I'm planning to spend couple of nights in Bahrain for the first time in an effort to overcome boredom and frustration emerging from a tough academic year. Since I'm travelling to a GCC state outside KSA for the first time, i have few questions to begin with regarding the procedures carried out for allowing entry into Bahrain:
1. My father will issue me re-entry visa through dependent services, do i need anything else other than that from Passport office here?
2. dubai does not provide visting visa's to students and people who are dependent on their parents Iqama. Thats the reason i cancelled my plan and shifted to Bahrain. Can i get visa on arrival at the border, if yes how much does it cost for a 2 day or 5 day stay?
3. My friends told me i would have to pay for car insurance at the border, does anyone know how much would i have to pay for that? (so i can get my finance organized and be prepared for expenses in advance)
4. Any other mandatory entry insurance or permits needed at the border, for instance health insurance etc? If yes, can i know about their costs?
5. Any special rules and regulations endorsed by Bahrain ministry on expatriates on visit visa that i need to know prior to my visit?
i would like to thank you for your response(s) in advance, looking forward to clearing my mind and planning a perfect half week holiday in a place thats somewhat less conservative and more fun in the region.
Thank you,
Waqas Alshafi

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