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Go internet in Riyadh

Hi All,

I'm using Go internet from last 1 month. And I'm facing trouble with the connection from past 1 week.

All the green lights on the so called "4G modem" are blinking at a time continuously.
If anyone of you have faced this problem, please let me know how to solve this issue.

When I call Customer care, their only suggestion is to reset the modem or restore factory settings. They are not even considering when I tell them that I already did those so many times. They still want me to try one more time. Their service is so poor, I gave up calling to customer care.

And when I went to a Go store in Batha, that guy is not interested to talk to me because he don't speak english. Hahaha Funny situation !!!

Is there any consumer complaints system available in Saudi Arabia ?

Please, let know as quick as possible. You may know how hard it would be without internet in this country !!!


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