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Job offer in Ryiadh (Riyadh)

Hello everybody,

I am an Egyptian who's been living in Sweden for 2 and half years.

i have recently received an offer from a Swedish company to work in Riyadh.
i am really concerned about the living conditions and life style in the city since i have a wife, and i want to provide an expats life style for her so she don't get bored of all the restrictions in Saudi Arabia.

When discussing the offer i strongly recommended that the company handle the accommodation and locate us in one of the Expat's compounds. so my wife has more interaction of other expats. i need your comments on this whether it's a god choice or shall i accept the 3 month accommodation allowance and handle my own accommodation instead.

i am offered a title of a Country Product Manager, and the basic salary is around Protected content per month. i also need your comments on how good/bad is that.

Thank you very much, and i will join your group as soon as i settle down in Riyadh

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