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LifeFitness X5 Elliptical (Riyadh)

With the increasing temperatures, are you finding it too hot to exercise outdoors?

I am selling a LifeFitness X5 Elliptical trainer with the lower model display (no iPod plug-in). It has many different speeds, and you can change the resistance so that it feels like you are going uphill (or up a mountain some mornings!). It has pre-set workouts, or you can customize. It also lets you adjust the stride length in the event that more than one person is going to use it. There are pulse monitors on the handles, or a strap that you put around your torso to monitor pulse. The foot pedals are nice and large. As I mentioned, this is a piece of equipment you would find in a professional gym, not the usual home-use machine.
They are sold at Delta Fitness in Riyadh for 25,000 SR, or 20,500 after discount. We are looking for offers around 10,000.
You can check it out on their website; ours looks a little different than the latest model. If you are interested in seeing it, just send me a PM.

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