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Mobily Cut offs (Riyadh)

Hi to you all.

I would like to share my recent experiences with Mobily mobile services. At the begining of July, I decided to have international roaming on my mobile phone. I duly paid SAR500 in cash for the privilage. I travelled abroad safe in the knowledge that my phone would work and so it proved. 2 days into my trip abroad I got a text message saying ".. settle your bill within 2 hours or you will be cut off." When I returned the hotel, I managed to log on to my bank and transferred some money to Mobily. I was unable to log on to the Mobily account to see how much exactly I owed. Needless to say I was cutoff.
On my return to Riyadh, I called customer services, who, politely told me they could not get into the system either. I was asked to call back in an hour. When I eventually called back, I was told they could not help, but I should log on to the web page and do it that way, or send an emai or visit a Mobily showroom. Needless to say l lost my temper and then all was suddenly possible. I was told the amount I needed to transfer and normal service would resume after I had transferred it. So I transferred more than the amount and with each transfer I got an acknowledgement from Mobily via text thanking me and confirming they have received the money. I owed almost SAR400. By now I had transfered SAR 700. I still have no service.
I then resorted to trying to log on the web page. I tried registering as a new user but each time it refused my ID saying this was not correct. I tried adding Passport then Iqama numbers all without success. I then sent them an email. I was given instructions on how to proceed using my mobile number as User and ID number for password. Yes you have guessed, correctly, my ID is not recognised!!!

I am really frustrated. iIf any of you plan to use Mobily think again.

Frustrated user

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