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Providing underprivileged families with food (Riyadh)

If you are interested to provide food for underprivileged families in the holy month of Ramadan then one way is through Helping Hands KSA( Protected content )

I have received the following msg from RIYADH+acumen:

"First of all, we would like to wish you all a Ramadan Mubarak on behalf of the team.

Every year my friend, founder of Helping Hands KSA accumulate Ramadan Boxes for impoverished families at Bunyan Org( Protected content ).

So as a social impact of giving back to the community we decided to cooperate with them and support their initiative to provide Bunyan Org with a much larger impact by involving RIYADH+acumen Volunteers, giving you the opportunity to help out in buying the list of long life food items that would last these underprivileged families a month's supply of food for the holy month of Ramadan. Through this campaign, we would like to promote generosity, and make an even bigger difference this year for these families.

You can help out in three ways by packing the following:
1. Buying an Othaim super market coupon
2. Buying all items on the below mentioned list that will feed a family of 5
3. Buying one of the items in bulk (i.e bags of rice, boxes of dates...)
You can deliver your donations anytime at Miss Aziz's venue, who is the co-founder of Helping Hands KSA before Friday July 27, Protected content .
Her venue is located in Wahaa Neighborhood (حي الواحة)

Here are the items to include for a family of 5. The idea of a Ramadan basket is
to supply them with long life food products & hygiene necessities that will last
them a whole month. Total cost between Protected content 279 SR
Always ask yourself: If not me then who? If not now, when?
Jazakum Allah Alf Khair
Box #1
Pasta Protected content
Vermicelli (sha3iriya Protected content
Maza rice Protected content
Jareesh Protected content
Beans – 5 cans (1 kg)
Fool – 10 cans
Tomato paste Protected content
Cream cheese – 2 bottles
Nido milk Protected content
Liquid milk (long life Protected content
Tea Protected content
Arabic coffee - 1/2 kilo
Hail - 1/4 kilo
Sugar - saudis Protected content
Salt Protected content
White flour, or wheat Protected content
Lugaymat bites flour Protected content
Quaker soup Protected content
Dates Protected content
Qamarudin Protected content
Creme caramel Protected content
Jello Protected content
Tang juice Protected content
Vimto Protected content
Cooking oil Protected content
Canned hotdogs Protected content
Tuna Protected content
Shampoo Protected content
Hand soap – 2 bottles or bars
Laundry soap - Protected content (5 cans)
Toothpaste - Protected content – 1 tube"

“RIYADH+acumen is a self-organized, volunteer-led group that seeks to inspire and empower like-minded individuals in Riyadh who are passionate about supporting Acumen Fund’s mission to create a world beyond poverty. Our chapter is one of Protected content chapters around the world sharing the principles of patient capital, cultivating an understanding of Acumen Fund’s values, and putting these principles into practice in our community.”
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