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Riyadh Desert Safari!

Hey everyone, this is my first time here and I don't know exactly how it works but here's my story
I'm a Saudi guy with this idea of planning some interesting activities to non Saudis. And since I'v met a lot of non Saudis here in Riyadh, I know well that there's nothing much to do for leisure.

Thats when I came up with the "Riyadh Desert Safari " the idea is to arrange and organize tours or trips to the desert, and been thinking of it for a while now.
Almost all of my friends are "desert campers" they know the good places to camp and see. Few of them are falconers (they hunt with falcons), and my family own camels.
Now I arranged and planned every detail the only thing that's left is finding customers. Wich I thought would be easy, but apparently every forum consider me as a spamer.
Can you guys help me out here and suggest me where and how can I reach people who might be interested?

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