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The Riyadh Events R.I.P.s

Hi all,

I would like you all to help me understand this local ( by "local" I mean Internations Riyadh) phenomenon of the R.I.P. (Riyadh Internations Phantoms).

If you try to organize an event here in Riyadh Internations you will have your guest list full of R.I.P.s immediately. This fact has the annoying effect of reaching the limit of the guest list very soon.

This will make difficult for real people (the ones that are not phantoms) to join the event because when they try the list is already full.

Then, closer to the event time, all these RIPs will cancel their attendance (giving you the organizer all sort of lousy excuses, certainly not foreseen at the date they joined the guest list). This will create the organizer all sort of logistic problems.

I need your help to understand this RIPs mentality, how to avoid them, how to organize events avoiding their parasite effect, etc.

Any suggestion will be most welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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