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to get off my chest (Riyadh)


I know you guys are living in Riyadh , probably don't want to point out the cons of living here except for your closest friends, I wrote this from a Saudi female's point of view.

Protected content am Nada, a 22 year old Saudi girl and a senior at the College of Languages and Translation. I feel I am living the life of a robot , programmed to do specific set of actions . Get up, go to college, come back , work on my project and assignments, play PS4 if there's time , and check desperately every second for a new Snap chat or Instagram post by my friends or relatives . On weekends, my 7 married sisters divide themselves intro groups to make sure they come every day of the weekend starting Thursday to Saturday , I carry my 2 infant nieces, cute in the first few hours, but when the noisy full of children visit extends from afternoon until night that what makes me lose my tolerance ,and either lock myself in my room taking a break from all the noise or search hard for a place to go ,plus someone to go with because most of Saudi families don’t let their daughters go anywhere alone including mine . Oh, I didn’t mention the rest of the trip planning which includes : 1-Searching for a driver cause I am a female and by gender I became prohibited from driving. 2-Searching for companions " by begging my sisters to come along " . 3-Making sure I have enough money which will be doubles since rented drivers here are expensive (exploiting the desperate women's need to transport to places easily). In fact , rented drivers became a very profitable business here , and of course it feels terrible to be used when your country regulates nonsense rules , then businessmen come and exploit the situation.
Protected content sometimes fail to go out due to the absence of one or more of the conditions mentioned above, or simply because all the options I have are either a mall or a restaurant since my country prohibits cinemas and some other facilities. Then, Sunday comes and the routine, struggle and depression repeat themselves.
Protected content am typing at the moment in a lab at college, it is 11:39 p.m. .I finished classes two hours ago ,but the bus moves at 12. However, if a was a male, the country will grant me the permission to drive my own car , again based-on-gender rules( which are uncountable).
Protected content have never left Saudi Arabia, I do not have a passport because I am required to get a male guardian approval and signature to make my own passport despite of my age (again cause I am a female), while a Saudi male is able to make his own passport with his own signature and no one's approval at the age of 18. So even on vacations , the routine repeats itself only worse this time because instead of struggling to go out two days a week , I get to struggle, have a lot of spare time, and hate my situation for a whole three months . Even my feelings repeat themselves : bored,neutral,bored, trying to be positive, bored.
If you have any suggestions to alter this desperate routine of mine or comments then please share them with me .

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