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Why are we on Internations? (Riyadh)


So this is a bit random but its starting to bother me now.

I dont understand what goes through the minds of people that send private e-mails, on here-Internations-, whereby they start off by saying: "I'm so bored, I don't like this place, there's nothing to do...blah blah blah...then they ask "what do people do for fun" and "I like to meet people and here that's not easy"...and "oh I'm so depressed here in Riyadh, we cant have mixed gatherings, mixed outings, etc."...and they go on and on and on...

Don't we all receive (and have access to) the many different groups, activities and events posted on this very website? Because I sure do see plenty opportunities to socialise :-)

Are we not on Internations to meet and mingle? Or am I wrong?

Just wondering!

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