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Anyone up for a dive or five? (Rotterdam)



After remembering that my number of dives per year decreased by almost over 100% since I moved to Rotterdam, I decided that this can't go on.
I want to go out and do some more dives in the Rotterdam Area. Lakes, Ocean, im not fussed, my main difficulties are transport and buddies. Transport I could solve with a rental car, but since I dont know the waters here, I'd rather not plan a dive as a solo dive. Not to mention that I dont know many dive sites.

So if there is anyone here that dives, is keen to dive in colder waters (read: not cold, just not tropical either) why not team up. Transport is a bonus but we can also rent.
For mutual fun, I'd say at least 50 dives in your logbook but we can decide on different limits too.

so just get in touch!



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