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Business Gym – How to get everything you want (Rotterdam)

You have a good life, but you want a special life and you will not settle for less. Your career goes by leaps and bounds and it seems like a day is not long enough. You want to pay attention to your family and friends, but are lost every minute of every day to stay informed.

Life is based on spiritual laws that are too often hampered by preferences such as immediate gratification, procrastination and selfishness. We all know stories about people who have made ​​careers, often at the expense of their family, rest and private life.

Money does not depend on what you do, it comes to your mind while you do it. Your relationship with money affects your ability to make money and grow your money.

This lecture is an introduction to the wisdom of Kabbalah and gives you resources to be successful in business and experience. More prosperity, your awareness about money and what it means to 'have it all' to change. Discover what it means to be when it comes to your soul and at the same time to make a huge step forward in your career is concerned. Really successful

The lecture will be held in English.

The lecture is held in Dialogue House in Amsterdam on Tuesday, 25th of June, from 17:00 till 19:00.

To register please follow the link (in Dutch)

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