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Cinema group BREDA - Rotterdam people welcome


Message to Rotterdam community: in BREDA a cinema group exists by now.

I mention this on this Rotterdam forum, as:
- travelling from Rotterdam to Breda is not far
- some of you are member of Rotterdam community, but live or work in Breda, and may be interested to join

BREDA Fillm group/wall to discuss in more detail + choose film: Protected content

This week there are THREE cinema evenings/events in Breda!

Explanation of '3 cinema evenings BREDA: Tuesday 19 april, Friday 22 april, Saturday 23 april': as there is no 'poll' option on the InterNations platform, I have to experiment whether generally Friday or Saturday is most popular for the 'weekend minded people'.

Regarding preferences: through feedback it is very clear that there is a) a group that definitively prefers midweek (3rd Tuesday of every month is ok)


b) a group that definitely prefers 'weekend' beginning Friday evening.

Common reasons to prefer midweek: 'Partner and or child 'obligations' around weekend'

Common reasons to prefer weekend: 'During week I work until 20.00+ hrs AND I have to get up early next morning'

Regarding 'institutionalisation': it is clear that '3rd Tuesdays of the month' will GO ON

Friday and/or Saturday: let us see number of attendees Friday 22 april vs. Saturday 23 april in order to make a decision regarding 'weekend bound Cinema'

The outcome may be:
1) cinema: 'only' 3rd Tuesdays of a month
2) cinema: 3rd Tuesdays of a month AND Friday or Saturday of a month

So there is a 'race' now between Friday 22 april and Saturday 23 april :)

Attendance on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 will count as 'VOTE' for what weekend day will win (both Fr+Sat is too much) - or whether there will be 'no weekend related cinema at all'

So 'VOTE' by attending the evenings of this week! Protected content

BREDA Films to choose from: Protected content
BREDA Fillm group/wall to discuss in more detail + choose film: Protected content

BR! Philippe Blankert, Breda cinema consul

PS: I have personally lived in Rotterdam for 20 years before I chose the greener pastures of Brabant, that is why I feel affinity towards 'Rotterdam people'

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