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Experience wit Rotterdam Intern. Secundary School?

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to find reviews for the Rotterdam International Secundary School (RISS) but have not yet been able to find any. Is there anybody out there that has experience or knows someone that can tell me some inside information about this school? We're thinking to move to Rotterdam next year and are trying to find the right schooling for our two kids (and since no expat contract cannot afford expensive school like American IS in Rdam).

My kids currently follow MYP (IB system) and would have to change to the IGCSE when going to RISS, I'm not sure how that will work out. I also was surprised to see that most International Schools in NL have MYP, only RISS seems to use the British IGCSE in middle years and then have IB for the last two years, I wonder why would they have the IGCSE instead of MYP in the middle years?

Also, I was wondering whether the school might be a bit small: can they offer enough variety in topics and challenge the children sufficiently?

And of course I am interested in the atmosphere in general: is there a welcoming crowd that is open to newcomer kids? And how is the contact with teachers?

Lots of detailed questions, I know... Any info is welcome!

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