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FINAL THESIS, (Rotterdam)


My name is Jaleesa Soares. I am a bachelor student of Commercial Economy, on the Hogeschool Rotterdam. I am currently working on my master thesis where I research how expats, who live in the Netherlands, can be reached with the helping hand of marketing. The research is in commission of a provider of temporary living solutions for expats. In order to execute this research, I am searching for information about expats in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den-Haag, Utrecht and Eindhoven, policies from companies and motivations of companies and expats. This information is focused on delivering factors that are defining for the preparation process of an expat while searching for a living solution.

I would like to invite you for an interview, where I can ask you questions regarding expats and your company. The interview will take approximately an hour. This interview will take place on a location of your preference. Your privacy and wishes will be assured at any time.

I would love to meet you and hear about your journey! If you're interested or have any ideas that could help me, please send me a message. I can use any kind of help!

Thanks guys!

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