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language and music lessons for children (Rotterdam)

Music and language lessons combined for children.
Learn a foreign language and a music instrument
A brand new, alternative and innovative teaching method.

Come to our discovery sessions.
Follow two “talent” trial lessons and discover what instrument and language is right for your child! Combinations currently available: guitar + English; piano + French; piano and Chinese; Guitar and Dutch. Discovery sessions available during the whole month of July.

From the first lesson, the child is totally immersed in the wonderful world of music and languages. Our unique teaching method integrates theory and practice to ensure that the children learn the language in depth. Even though the learning is taking place in a playful manner, our method ensures the learning is of high standards and intensive and that the children develop proficiency in their language and music instrument.

- Calendar: Lessons start from October till June. Starting anytime during the year is also possible.
- Lessons available during the working week (Monday till Friday) from 15:30 till 19:15.
- Lesson block of 90 minutes.
- Groups from minimum 3 to maximum 5 children.

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