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Moving to Rotterdam, university tuition question!

Hey all! I'll be moving to Rotterdam to join my boyfriend in a few months. We're trying to figure out what visa/permit would be best/I would be qualified for.

1) I intend to stay in Holland indefinitely. We are not looking to get married quite yet, but are planning on it for the future.
2) I want to attend school and get my master's there.
3) I'm from the USA

So my question, would it be possible for me to get a resident permit that would allow me to get the statutory "home" tuition? I've read that you can receive this tuition if you're married or in a registered partnership. We don't have an equivalent (that I know of) of a partnership in the US, so I'm not sure what weight it holds, but that's looking like the best option.

Thoughts, advice, and general knowledge would be very welcomed!

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