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December Official Event (Salt Lake City)


As we are planning our official event for December some questions have arose. We would like to do something special for the holiday season, but I wanted to get some feedback from all of you.

Thanks to Luis and Elizabeth Antola, we have an opportunity to host our December event at the Cottonwood Country Club. This is a great venue and would allow for a lot more mingling and interaction than our traditional sit down sort of event at restaurants and bars. However, the catch is that the only date/time they have available is Saturday, December 17th for lunch. It may be a nice way to start your Saturday Christmas shopping?? The per plate charge will be a little higher here as well. We are still negotiating with them on that, but it will likely be $25 to $35 per person.

The second option is to return to Cedars of Lebannon on Thursday, December 15th in the evening. We host one event here sometime ago. Their food is excellent and they have tenatively reserved the "Kasbah" area for us. The cost here will be $25 per person.

Please if you can respond to this thread with your preferences / availabilty:
Saturday, December 17th Lunch at Cottonwood Country Club or
Thursday, December 15th Dinner at Cedars of Lebanon

Thank you friends! Looking forward to a wonderful December event in either case!!



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