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Setting up in Salzburg

Hi all,

Thanks for the welcome to the community. I'll be joining you all in Salzburg in a couple of weeks and am trying to get myself immersed in the German language and up to speed on the happenings around Salzburg.

I'll be joining Red Bull Media House at the beginning of July, so any tips / advice / hangouts would be great to hear about!

Luckily I found a great housing agent and have already secured a place in Salzburg to live, just signing the contracts now. Phew.

I have a few other questions:

1. Can anyone recommend a good DSL provider in Austria? I checked with the standard companies O2 and Vodafone but don't see any offerings there? ?

2. I'm assuming the sports scene is pretty big in Salzburg, I'm really into action sports and would love to hear about any downhill bikers / snowboarders / road biking fans who want to meet up at some point over summer.

3. Do any of you know, if there are many places that would run tandem language events? ie, A german speaker wanting to learn english speaks with an english person wanting to learn german? I've been in Berlin on a work contract and was doing that for a while. I'd like to continue in Salzburg.

4. I've got to furnish my apartment in Salzburg but have limited time, i.e., 2 days before I start work. I've seen there is an IKEA around but I was wondering if there were any good second hand furniture stores anyone could recommend?

5. Is there any good car sharing companies in Salzburg? Something like Drive Now or DBahn Flinkster? Obviously I will want to move some furniture into the new place and rather than renting a car for a full day, it would probably be better just for a couple of hours.

Thanks so much everyone for your help!

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