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Visa Waiver Program vs Residence Permit (Salzburg)

I apologize in advance if this has been covered already, if so, please direct me to the previous thread (I couldn't find one)

I am looking to move to Salzburg, however with no specific time table defined (6 months would be ideal). I am looking for jobs which would sponsor a permit but I am realistic that may not happen. That being said, has anyone had experience going to Austria under the 3 month Visa Waiver without employment but then finding an employer willing to sponsor them? I feel this may be the best way to obtain employment but is obviously a risk.

also, separately, does anyone have experience applying for a Residency Permit in the Austria versus the US? On the surface I feel it would be easier to apply while there rather than in the States.

Again, sorry if this has been covered to death, I have just begun to research this topic and the amount of information out there is a bit overwhelming to comprehend. Any info from someone who has gone through this would be much appreciated.

Thanks All

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