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expatwife in san diego (San Diego)

Dear fellow expats,

I have a very urgent question. My husband got an offer to work in SD for two years. We think it's a great oppurtunity and we want to say yes to the offer. The problem is that i have to give up my career as a proffesional trainer in the (Health) insurance business. I understood thad i won't get a workvisum.

My husband will get a L visum. I can't find good information on the dutch websites about family and the restrictions of the visum and what type of visa i will get. My questions is: Can I volunteer or not? What kind of visum do i need to volunteer, and what visum will i get if my husband get a L visum? I also like to study, but the costes are enormous in the USA ($15.000 per year) and its not a garantue you get in. Are ther possibilities to do courses which you won't have to apply for?

Who can help me to answer my questions? I thank you in advange.

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