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Keep your vehicle safe and secure (San Diego)

I am Szilard Keresztely, the President of a San Diego- located small business, CERBEROS Corporation. Let me introduce to you a one-of-a-kind automotive security system in a couple words.
Our company is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the patented CERBEPRO Security System, which is specifically designed to PREVENT VEHICLE THEFT. CERBEPRO was invented in Hungary (under the name CERBEROS), it is used for theft-prevention across Europe since Protected content , and it is proven 100% successful to this day. Since we - the owners of the Company - are originally from Hungary, we felt important to bring a unique product like this into the US.
Whenever the driver parks a CERBEPRO-equipped vehicle and steps away, the system arms itself automatically—disabling the ignition, locking the transmission and making the engine compartment completely inaccessible to prevent tampering with the engine, battery or the components of security system itself.
Quite simply, when CERBEPRO is armed, the vehicle cannot be started or driven, and the system itself cannot be manipulated, tampered with or disabled. Only the authorized driver can turn the system off.
GPS awareness means CERBEPRO can notify drivers immediately of any unauthorized attempt to start the vehicle or even push it more than few inches from where it was parked. Our system is completely independent of the vehicle’s electrical system, assuring uninterrupted protection for a virtually unlimited amount of time, regardless of the state of the vehicle’s battery.
about the CERBEPRO technology, which is more advanced, then the generally known recovery systems.
We would happily provide all the information about our product to help the Internations Community and many more car owners in this area to prevent their cars from being stolen.

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