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SF visit Sept 3 - Sept 6 (San Francisco)

Hello Members in SF

I and a Korean friend will visit SF from Sept 3 to Sept 6.

It would be my second visit and her first one.

We'd like to know some tips for this short weekend getaway trip. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Here are some questions in our minds now:

•Which area is a great and tasteful to stay during this short 3 day trip?

•Which restaurants and cuisines are most popular now in SF?

•Where are the hottest nightlife scenes? (We like chic and elegant places)

•How to join a sailing trip-(A sunset sailing trip)? Where to find the information for the Party on the boats?

•Is it possible we could have time to visit Napa Valley or the nearby areas during this short time? If so, any recommendation for must SEE?

Ok, it is just a start to plan this trip. We will for sure have more questions when the date getting closer.

Warmest greetings from Calgary !

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