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Solution to Credit history issues (San Francisco)

My name is Sophie and I moved to San Francisco 2 months ago and I’m working for an High Tech company. I’m originally from Belgium and I’ve been working in Dubai
As everybody I’ve been facing credit history issues : Protected content secured-credit card (really??), no car loan possibilities, difficulties to buy a phone, to get the apartment I want because rental companies check the credit score anyways…
I just wanted to say that Bank of the West offers credit card, car loans and even mortgages for expats without credit history through their International Department.
I’ve been helped by Julien ( Protected content ) ( Protected content ) , he was not pushing at all, very helpful. He is in charge of the whole Californian Area (he also speaks French BTW)
He has also helped one of my ex colleagues by opening her checking account remotely so she had her debit cards ready when she arrived.
Hope it might help some of you !


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