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Amnesty Law Approved (São Paulo)

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, yesterday just sanctioned the Law Number 11.961 of July 2, Protected content grants to all foreigners who entered Brazil no later than February 1st of Protected content are staying illegally, the possibility to request temporary residence and legalize their immigration status.

Such temporary residence will be valid for a period of two years. In order for a foreigner to benefit from this new Law, he or she must have entered in Brazil under the following circumstances: illegally; or those admitted lawfully, but overstayed; and those benefited from the Law Number 9.675/90, but never concluded all the mandatory steps in order to obtain the permanent residency.

The important thing is, the request for the temporary residency should be filed within Protected content hundred eighty) days from the publication of this new Law, and the application must be directed to the Ministry of Justice.

Should you need additional information, simply contact my office.

Disclosure: This article is merely for informative purposes and does not constitute legal advise. The contents reflect current Legislation, which can be changed or ammended at anytime by the Brazilian Governmental Agencies at their own discretion.

Jose C. Santiago
Licensed & Certified Title Attorney - Brazil
Paralegal & Licensed Real Estate Agent – USA
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