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Applying for Argentina Visa in SP (São Paulo)

Hi All,

I am Hari, an Indian living in Sao Paulo. I was thinking of heading to Buenos Aires for the long weekend in the 2nd week of July.

Unfortunately, with my godforsaken "passport" , I need to apply for a visa to visit almost any country in the world (inc. Argentina) - in fact, I'm surprised I don't need a visa to travel to my home country. On a side note, I wouldn't wish an Indian passport on my worst enemy!

Anyways, I have 3 weeks left, and I need to apply for the Argentina tourist visa soon. I mailed the Argentinian consulate (at spvisas@mrecic. gov. ar) to setup a visa appointment but they haven't responded yet for a week. I know that our friends at the Argentinian consulate are a bit laidback, but this appears to be a bit too much.

There's no point asking Brasilians this question since they don't need a I'm asking this question to the 'unfortunate' gringos who might've faced a situation similar to mine.

1) Should I apply for the tourist visa through an agent? If yes, do you know any reliable agents who'll get the job done in time without making my wallet too light.

2) It's a bit of a crazy idea but - should I just visit Iguazu falls this/next weekend and head over to the Argentinian side to ensure that I get my passport stamped with the Argentinian visa?

If you wanna mail something, please send it to Protected content
Thanks in advance..Cheers!


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