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Bad experience with Portuguese school in São Paulo

In case someone is looking for a Portuguese school in Sampa, do not go to My Little Brazil/IFESP. You will lose your time and a lot of money. Language professor are not professor and do not own any language diploma, too much people in the course, level of people in the group was different or became different cause people do not progress the same way, hence group of students should have been revised but it wasn’t the case. For me it was even boring. At that time, one of the professors offered to student some additional classes. Considering I was not improving as planned, I decided to accept. He just stole my money and the school did not help at all. I found out he had already issue with the court but surprisingly he was employee of the language school. Moreover, they are providing services to help you getting a job. They do not have an impressive professional network, which is really key, and anything that help me at all. Overall, lack of professionalism.

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