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Business visa (São Paulo)



My husband and I are moving from London to São Paulo soon. And as all future expats in Brazil, we need to face visa challenges.

My husband is being sent there for at least one year on a project basis with his company and they need him there asap. But according to the Visa company, it would take at least Protected content to get a temporary work visa. And in the meanwhile he is doing back and forth during the week which is clearly not sustainable.

We've been told and I checked on the Brazilian Consulate website that he could be there for a maximum of 90 days on a business visa (but as he is Italian, it seems that he is exempted and he can be there for business purposes just with a valid passport).

My issues are the following:
Can my husband (and consequently myself) be in São Paulo on a business visa for 3 months while his temporary work visa application is pending?
If yes, can we rent a flat during that period?
Is there anyone who is/has been in the same situation?

I would really appreciate if you could share your experience.
Thank you very much


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