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Detran want Proof of Category equivalence (São Paulo)

I'm in need of help. I've been battling this case for months (since September Protected content . This case is to get my CNH
All details can be found here.
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I am from BC Canada and if anyone from BC specifically have any experience getting their CNH.... PLEASE help!!

On my license which was issued by ICBC (driver's license organization) in BC Canada only states my Class 5 and don't have any other explanation of what vehicles we operate (also on my driver's record/abstract). The only proof I have that Class 5 is equivalent to Categoria: B is the website link of ICBC.

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We have called ICBC 2 times and they will not comply to request of official documents,letter,declaration or reference. However, they keep referring us to the Weblink and online page (Which is all online for us= less beurocracy).

Consulate Canada in SP: Have call records and emails that they don't issue any Certificate or reference to this matter. It's not in their mandate to provide this type of consular service.

So we are hit with a wall.

We already used a Despachante to guide us to the Superior/Director of this area (Armenia) and they are persistent on me getting an official document that I can not run after (only the webpage) + email records from all agencies I have reached out to.

Detran is passing the process to DENATRAN (in Brasilia) and suggested me to wait 30 days for the 100% sure rejection. The staffs in Detran told us we can try to send it to Brasilia for DENATRAN to review it but it will be 100% that they won't accept it (according to Detran).

I've hit a wall on this case and I am asking if anyone have any idea what I can do with this matter... Canada has a reciprocity with Brazil in regards to exchanging Driver's license but even so.... They asking me for something impossible.

Also, accordingl to Detran if we don't present the documents that I would have to do the entire autoescola process.

My process had been stamped and was asked to wait with procolo since September... Now... I am left with hopelessness and dreadful beurocratic nightmare.

If anyone can please help me (Fellow Canadians).
Is there an immigration agency or Foreign Ministry this issue can be brought to? This is just crazy..

Please help!!

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