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Getting a Dog in SP (São Paulo)

Hi all,

My husband and I live in a pet-friendly building in Villa Madelena and are thinking of getting a puppy. I am teaching English, so I will be free throughout the day to take care of it, feed it, etc. However, I'm having a hard time finding resources for a few of our questions. Specifically:

- International travel: We are from Chicago and will need to return in two years. Obviously we don't want to have the dog only to find out it can't be brought back home. Does anyone have information on this?
- Availability: Where does one actually get a dog? Not looking for a purebred, in fact, a rescue dog would be preferable. Despite having Protected content shops within walking distance I have yet to find an animal shelter or anything like it.
- Borders: We travel a lot on weekends and may not always be able to take the dog with. Does anyone have a good recommendation for boarding a dog?

Of course, anyone who has been through this experience or has other information to share would be most welcome. We want to do our research before making such a big decision!


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