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Expats Experts and Wiabiliza cordially invite you to our 1st Workshop on June 10TH , where we will have experts discussing issues such as:
09:00AM to 12:00PM – WORK VISA - HOW TO ENTER THE BRAZILIAN MARKET (Available in English only)
 BRAZIL – A new door to the global market?
 How to start the process of exporting products and services via Brazil and to expand it to the Mercosur and global
 Opportunities and challenges in Brazil
 Main products imported / exported from the US and Europe to Brazil
 Business opportunities for foreigners in Brazil
 Logistics
 Business challenges in the logistics of a product to Brazil
 Foreigners investment in Brazil
 Tax considerations
 Government incentives for foreigners (BNDS / FOSTER / PRODUZIR)
 Expanding areas: renewable energy, transports, etc…
 Visas and Work Process in BRAZIL

01:00PM to 05:00PM – EMPLOYABILITY (Available in Portuguese only)
 Brazilian Job Maket Protected content
 Workers law

TO SIGN UP, GO TO: Protected content
Location: Av. Moema, Protected content 9th floor. Suite. 96

São Paulo Forum