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Just to let you know (São Paulo)

In case you have to pick up your CPF or sth. at the policia federal it´s good to know .....

We would like to inform that, due to the period of the FIFA World Cup, the Federal Police will operate in a different schedule, impacting directly on the procedures performed by this Department:

On June 12th, match day of the Brazilian team, the Federal Police in São Paulo will have no business hours. On June, 17th and 23th, the Federal Police did not inform if it will work. To avoid any problems, EY does not schedule any appointment at the Federal Police in those days.

Other dates may be influenced according to the advancement of Brazil in the World Cup, changing the dates above and with the possibility of having no business hours at the Federal Police on 04/07, 08/07 and 09/07, noting that on the following days from the games it is possible that fit in between appointments will not be accepted due to the return of a large number of people who had scheduled appointments for the days when the Police will not work.

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