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Moving to Brazil Questions (São Paulo)

Hi there,

I am moving to Brasil in two weeks and need some advice!!!

1. Furnished vs unfurnished apartments? My company gives me the option to move my household stuff in a container (currently living in San Francisco, CA) not sure if its worth the hassle and the wait... they tell me it takes three months to get my stuff to SP

2. CPF and RNE, i hear it takes a while to get these documents, can i rent a place or open a bank account without them? If I can't has anybody open an expat bank account and use it in Brazil? any recomendations to which bank HSBC or Citibank?

3. Best areas in SP to leave, i will be placed in corporate housing for 30 days after that I have to find a place, thinking Moema or villa magdalena, any other recomendations for safe and fun areas?

Thank you!

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