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Personal Security in this crazy city (São Paulo)

Hey guys,

In response to some of my friends being violently attacked recently, I've decided to start teaching some informal self defense classes to civilians here in Sao Paulo starting next week.

The system I teach is Krav Maga and as opposed to jiu jitsu or muy thai it's focus is on real world situations where your life or the life of your loved one's may be in eminent danger. I will be teaching defense against chokes, multiple attackers, knives, sticks and guns.

I have a gym in Santana where we can train or we can do it closer to the city center at Iberapuera.

If anyone is interested please shoot me an email at Protected content . Or for you polyglots, you can check out my Portuguese FB page at Protected content .

Once I see what kind of interest there is we can work out a day based on everyone's availability.

Stay safe :)

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