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Problem with FM-USP Exchange Program (São Paulo)

Hi! I'm a medical student from the University of Salamanca (Spain) and I've been accepted in an exchange program to study in the FMUSP starting this year in August, and even won a scholarship to do so.
Even though I really want to go, I've been having some problems when choosing the subjects I have to attend, as they don't let me choose the ones that I need to take in order to finish my degree. From the extensive list of subjects I sent them, they told me that I would only be able to do two of them, and the rest of the subjects they offered me as an alternative option I've already passed in my home university. It's not an option for me to lose a year, as medical school already takes a lot of years as it is, and I really don't want to make my year abroad a burden for my family... =/
I've tried talking with the responsible of the international relations office from FMUSP, but he's been obstinate, doesn't let me talk with anyone else but him about the issues I'm having, and even told me it's not his job to help me. He even tried to deceived me by saying that another student from my university had already accepted the same conditions he was offering me, when I know for a fact that is not true as the other student is my friend, and we were both having the same problems.
I really don't know what else to do... I don't thing they're playing fair! I was expecting the same kind of treatment they would want other universities to give to their students, but they're making it impossible for one to study abroad...
Do you know someone who has been in the same situation as I am, or someone I would be able to talk to in order to find a favorable solution to my problem?
Thanks a lot for your help =)

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