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Question: 2 in 1 Washer/Dryer - worth it? (São Paulo)

Hi guys,

I've never had a washing machine that does both wash and dry all in one. I'm used to having two separate ones, and the dryer has always been gas. I'm thinking about purchasing a dual machine as I'm getting tired of hang drying my clothes.

I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with these types of machines:

1. Do they dry well? I see that they are ventless, so no need to evacuate the hot that really conducive to drying effectively the clothes?

2. Perhaps most importantly, are they reliable? I'm always concerned when a machine has two completely different functions it has to perform...that's just more opportunity for something to go wrong and break. Are these reliable?

3. Is any brand better than another? I see mostly LG and Electrolux available for sale here in Brazil. Is there a difference or another brand that you would recommend?

4. How cheap do these get? They are a bit pricey (hence my hesitation to buy one if it's not reliable or does a good job at drying). They all seem to hover around R$2,000.

5. If everything turns out to be positive, then my last question would be: Does anyone have a used one they are looking to sell?

Thanks for your help!

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