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Short term apartment rental options? (São Paulo)

Could you advise me on the options for short term apartment rental in Sao Paulo?

I would be looking for a 60 to 90 day 1 bedroom apartment rental as a tourist (NOT a flat share / rent a room)

AirBnB is the obvious option but to get the most choice needs to be booked in advance.

And I would prefer not to commit till I've seen the area / apartment.

So it would be a last minute booking and leaves limited options

I've also found a few websites online offering highly inflated prices on serviced apartments aimed at short stay tourists.

But they aren't good value for money "longer" term 60 to 90 day rentals

I know from doing similar in other cities around the world you can often find better value serviced apartments on the ground that rent on a monthly basis for more reasonable prices... this true in SP too?

And are there any other good options for 60 to 90 day rentals?

Thanks for your help.